BIO CHE M of Dr. Grazia Neroni is company established in Anzio on 1997.

Its activity is based on researches and implementation of methodologies and technical applications in biological and chemical monitoring of civil, industrial and agricultural plants as well as on the production of equipment and services for these sectors.

Most of the BIO CHE M production is aimed to the the setting and development of chemical and microbiological field test kits, requiring no peculiar equipment or specific knowledge and still assuring an high degree of reliability of the results, even if these field kits are used in open deserts or over an off-shore platform.

These field test kits are prepared according to the procedures and recipes of established Institutions like API (American Petroleum Institute), NACE (National American Corrosion Engineers), ISO (International Standard Organization), UNI (Ente Unificazione Italiano), NORMAL (Normativa Materiali Lapidei/CNR-ICR) as well as are prepared on the basis of proprietary formulations.

The microbiological kits to monitor the MIC (Microbiological Induced Corrosion) produced by BIOCHEM are actually used by the most important oilfield and refinery companies of the North Africa and Middle West as well as of the North Europe.





Company address:


BIOCHEM of Dr. Grazia Neroni

Via Ardeatina, 340c

00042 Anzio (RM)



Tel.        0039069876635 / 00390698189948


Fax         0039069862656